Since 1993, Synthetics Excel has been successfully marketing Amsoil Synthetic Lubricant products across the United States and around the World. During the past 20 years we have moved forward from being the top Synthetic lubricant and filter company in the US, to a one stop shop for all of your synthetic lubricant, filtration and automotive performance technology needs.

Today, Synthetics Excel is business partners with over ten leading automotive companies, offering their products to our dealer network as we continue to grow towards being a one-stop, synthetic lubricant and filtration giant. Included in our network of business partners are: Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants, Donaldson Filter Company, NGK Spark Plugs and Wires, TRICO Wiper Blades, Mother's Appearance Products, PowerCore Air Filters, and WIX Filters for many engine and drive-train applications.

As a result of this massive expansion, Synthetics Excel now offers Ea Universal Air Induction Filters, EaAR Air Filters for carbureted racing and street rod applications, EaAB Crankcase Breather Air Filters, and Chrome Ea Motorcycle Oil and Ea Air Filters for Harley Davidson, V-Twin motorcycles and all other name-brand motorcycles on the market today.

For years, Amsoil Synthetic, Extended Drain, Motor Oils have come with a factory recommendation and certification of up to 25,000 miles or one year on a single oil change; this has become the standard for extended drain intervals since Amsoil has been offering 25,000 mile drains since 1972. In 2007, Amsoil began offering their Ea Oil Filters with Nano-Fiber Technology and a 25,000 mile or 1 year Guarantee. In 2000, Synthetics Excel made a commitment to saving our clients money, by reducing their maintenance costs and increasing their fuel economy.

In recent years, lubricant formula changes have been a necessity due to changes by the EPA in lowering sulpher levels in Diesel Fuels and increasing environmental protection by lowering exhaust emissions. We are doing our best to provide our clients the opportunity to protect their valuable automotive investments by having the ability to purchase quality lubricants they can rely on to protect these treasures.

Located strategically across the United States from coast to coast and border to border as well as in Canada, Puerto Rico and New Zealand, we have warehouses stocked to facilitate delivering products to you in the shortest amount of time and at the best possible price.

We are MUCH more than a synthetic lubricant company!